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I’m Not a Super Bowl Fan

Being a super Bowl fan is something that is going to be very hard for me to accomplished, the reason I’m not is because I don’t like to much football. A friend of mine told me I was crazy to letting know the World, that being a super Bowl Fan is not my thing, but … Continue reading


I been doing exercise for the past 2 month and I want to become a runner, I joined Nike+ website to track my performance and keep up with my day to day exercise routine. I have many activities to do, I just completed a challenge called Nike+ (RED). It feels good!!! Is part of being healthy and … Continue reading

Daniel Dhers a Paul Mitchell Sports Star

I know that Paul Mitchell Sponsors allot of people in the Sports industry we got Paul Mitchell Teams about any sports out there. Daniel Dhers started riding bikes when he was twelve, just to hang out with his friends. In 1998, he went to his first skatepark and rode around. When he was sixteen, he … Continue reading