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Wahl Shaver How To Clean

The Wahl Shaver is an excellent tool when it comes to men haircut, specially if you need to clean their facial hair. Then again a fantastic tool from Wahl is excellent to have around. Did I mentioned these awesome clippers are made in the USA? Well they are and they are amazing.

Asian Haircut Cape

Capes are always something that need to be around at all times when you make a hair cut. I got this cool Asian Haircut cape from eBay, very nice for the purpose.

Hair Stylist Tools for Men Haircut

Through out my career as a hair stylist I’ve learned on how important are the tools for cutting hair. Allot of people that is in the business they just don’t understand the importance of having tools that are essential to you when it comes to do the job. Men hair is one of the things … Continue reading

Vidal Sasoon

Hair Style has been in the world for the longest but one person made a difference and that was Vidal Sasoon, he was the master behind the chair and a sheer genius in the 60’s and the 70’s a master of true hair styling.Based on his genuine and unique techniques Vidal Sasoon is another inspiration … Continue reading