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Mary Kay Ash

Born Mary Kathlyn Wagner, Mary Kay Ash never finished college. She worked for a variety of direct sales companies, where she rose through the ranks. In those days, however, a woman could only rise so far. That realization came to her the day she was passed over for a promotion. The rejection stung all the … Continue reading

Fran Drescher and Paul Mitchell Future Professionals

John Paul Mitchell Systems ardently supports a wide variety of philanthropic causes. Recent donations (totaling millions of dollars) of cash, products, and services have been made to non-profit organizations operating in the fields of health care, social services, environmental protection and awareness, and the arts. Fran Drescher is part of the Paul Mitchell Fundrasing Effort … Continue reading

Kylie Minogue

What is not about to love about Kylie Minogue has been an Inspiration all the way in her music, style and cancer survivor. Today Kylie is one of the world’s most successful female music artists, but she wasn’t always known as a singer. Kylie started her career at age eleven when approached to act in … Continue reading

Who Was Paul Mitchell

I bet most of you don’t know who he was, maybe must of you know he is just a bottle of shampoo in a counter, well not exactly. Myself as a Paul Mitchell Student I wanted to share his story of this extraordinary person. Paul Mitchell was born in Cyril Thomson Mitchell on January 27, … Continue reading