About DQ

I would start by saying that I was born to be an Artist. Being the mastermind behind the scenes with 24 years of experience on Web Design, Art, Photography and Video Editing and Content Creator. I have 7 years of experience as a Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist for Video and Movie Production, Weddings, Fashion Shows, etc. Being a Paul Mitchell Professional and a Beauty Consultant has strongly enrich her career. Founder of DQ Productions an TatteredRoses41, my place to show the World that I’m a professional in all the categories I have mentioned above. I have a BA degree on Graphic Design and specialization on Digital Media, Internet Interaction and Presentation Skills obtained at FIU (Florida International University) also with a Cosmetology Associate’s Degree for Hair Styling and Makeup Artist  at Hi Tech The School of Cosmetology – A Paul Mitchell Partner School and MakeUp Factory The School. She has been involved in many fashion shows and other beauty events being part of the Paul Mitchell Design Team at Paul Mitchell the School as well as for the MakeUp Factory School for videos and movies with makeup and makeup special effects, also have work with several important people on the industry.

So all that combine makes me a YouTuber, Content Creator about Life Technology and Art. If you would like to see me perform as a Hair Stylist or Makeup Artist and would like a new look,  please contact me at ivegab@hotmail.com and I will be glad to assist you.

When I’m not in my Studio I enjoy playing Video Games on my Xbox360 and I can assist you as an Ex-Xbox Ambassador if you are lost in the gaming World at Xbox Live. Music, Video Editing, Photography and Baking are also part of my life and last but not least I’m a proud mother and enthusiast of life, please feel free to come and read my Sweetest Sins I bet you would love to read about them.

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