Why I like Batman Movies

Since I was very young I’ve always been fascinated with Batman, I’ve remember watching the series in black and white TV that is how long I was into Bat man LOL. Anyway, watching the series was my favorite thing to do and I couldn’t wait to see all the commotion and fun. I think I was in my teenage years when the first Batman Movie came out made by Tim Burton and that was like the best movie ever at that time for me, watching Jack Nicholson as the Joker, Kim Basinger as Vicky Vale and of course Batman himself performed by Michael Keaton was to much for my eyes I absolutely love the movie. Then other movies came by and they were ok and that was the end in the 90’s with these movies.

When I knew that a new Batman movie was coming I couldn’t believe it, of course I was hooked and I couldn’t wait to watch the movie on the theater so yes these 3 master pieces made by Christopher Nolan caught my attention and yes the best Batman movies ever made in my opinion. I recently watched the last one The Dark Night Rises and OMG what a movie I wasn’t expecting that these movie was going to be better then the other two and yes I love them all. So if you haven’t watched this movies I suggest you do cause they are excellent.



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