Meet Emmy a Makeup Artist

Emmy is a YouTube Star that has lots of tips, advice and makeup videos. It happened that yesterday I went to meet Michell Phan at Sephora on Aventura Mall in Miami, there was allot of people, fans and such. So in the process of waiting I met Emmy, another person that was doing the same thing I was hoping for and that was meeting Michelle Phan.

But it was not what I at least was expecting as well as Emmy and we were kind of like what??? We were just trying to get a glimpse of  Michell cause are hopes of at list getting closer was not possible for many reasons that, well Emmy in this video can tell you more about it and why we couldn’t get a picture, a video or autograph.

But is ok, I had fun and it was my first time getting into a YouTube Meeting adventure I guess. I have to work on my video so hopefully you will see mine soon.

If you would like to know more about Emmy visit her at her channel Emmy8405 on YouTube she sure has great videos.


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