My YouTube Journey 2011

Well we are almost in that time of reflection and family which is Christmas. Love this time of the year and I try to do my best on keeping traditions and happiness around the house no matter how good or bad it is. We take every day as an important day and full of  joy.

I have done a compilation of all the videos I made through out the year,  even though Hair is my Passion and duty every day makeup have been the fun part of all this beauty craziness I’ve been through. So for those who didn’t get a glimpse of my Makeup YouTube Year, this video is the perfect place to see what I did combine with other geeky videos I  mixed in cause like always, technology is involved. YouTube has been my main home you can see my YouTube channel here, cause I had an account for so long but is was mainly focus on gaming but that didn’t work out to well so I decided to do more interesting stuff on YouTube and so far I’ve had a good acceptance, I’m working on more creativity for you the viewers for this upcoming 2012. I have Vimeo also but that is focused on more technical and learning aspects on video production and techniques.

I hope you like this video, cause I had fun all the year doing this…Good Luck and Happy Holidays!!!



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