Silver Ice Makeup Inspiration

This was my final project for my Special Effects Makeup Course I did a few months back. The assignment was to create a frozen beautiful makeup, so my idea was to create sort of like a space frozen beauty. Originally I named this Frozen Fantasy but later when I create this video finally, I thought it would be better to named it Silver Ice. I think the results were great the model was fun to work with and that is a big plus, so I have many other pictures that they were funny but I’ve just expose the ones that were more professional. Just for the record I did her Hair Cut and Color too, I was also the Photographer for this event.

With this work I’ve complete my Special Effects Course and graduate having great scores, so officially I’ve earned both certificates for Makeup Artist and Special Effects Makeup Artistry. Very happy with what I’ve learned and looking forward to make my education better every day. Feels more wiser and professional!

I want to thank every one that supports  my career and please check my Facebook Fan Page Hair&Makeup by Ive and click like 😉


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