Artist Kabuki Resposible for Katy Perry’s ‘E.T.’ Incredible Makeup

So, who is responsible for her otherworldly look? That would be makeup artist Kabuki , who most recently honed his futuristic primping skills as a makeup consultant on Tron: Legacy. The cosmetics genius developed three styles for the video: Alien, Fawn and Tribal. The three looks are like three aspects of the extraterrestrial,” Kabuki told InStyle. “I was very happy about the way Katy’s face suited the makeup, she really brought it to life. When you see it on her, it’s not a mask. She really comes through”.

KABUKI hails from the north of England. With inspiration from his friendship with famed illustrator Errol Le Cain, Kabuki was already an accomplished artist by his teens. He landed his first job in New York as a textile designer but it was his unique flair for outlandish dress and make-up that led him to the then-flourishing NYC club scene. This in turn led to modeling on European runways for Thierry Mugler and performing in the downtown troupe Black Lips. When stylist/designer Patricia Field was scouting for talent for HBO’s Sex and the City, she brought Kabuki onto the show to establish the make-up looks for Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis. You can read more about Kabuki at


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