Violet Moon

I couldn’t resist showing you what I can do with my camera and Faschion. The hair and make up were done by Cesar Rosario, the model is one of our students at MakeUp Factory School. I named it violet moon cause at the moment she was wearing a violet blouse made by Cesar, I know you can’t see it but I have made my own creation out of it in the picture.
Photography has been one of my passions for a long time, I remember when I start playing with a camera, I think I was like probably 8 years old and my first picture was with a Lego miniature figures (wich reminds me of my son who loves Legos) , I think I still got that picture, if I find it I will post it somewhere. Anyway ever since I had this thing for taking pictures and I have improove with the years. My preferences are taking pictures in the outside like landscaping but I manage pretty well with people and nature. You can k check out my Flickr page has more pictures of what I like to do the link is in one of the sides of my blog.

This picture has been my first modeling picture in a long time and I had fun. Thanks!!!

Violet Moon

Originally uploaded by xEmeralDQueenx


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