Cesar Rosario

I want to share with my readers, followers etc. About someone I work with very close, Cesar Rosario is a Puerto Rican fashion designer. He is currently based in Miami where he is working his own clothing line wich are available in prestigious boutiques. He has exposed his fashion line in many important events in Miami and Puerto Rico. He has also been a Fashion Host for En Boga, Desayuno Musical on Radio Amor 107.5. as well as participating at Miami International Fashion Week where he has shown his talent and taste for dressing with class. If you would  like to know more about him visit http://www.cesarrosario.com.

Cesar has also been a great mentor, I met him while I was at school. He was always very supportive and talked to me about many things that would better my future as a Paul Mitchell Professional, today we work together not only for his fashion events but for many other projects that he is working on. Very fortunate to work with talent like this as well as her extroardinary and beautiful wife Ruthy Rosario former of the famous Christian Band Face2Face.

Cesar I wish you the best and I can’t wait for what you have to show to the World at the Miami International Fashion Week of 2011…


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