Top 10 Salon Sins

Well I’ve  been working as a Stylist Assistant for a year now, I was reading this interesting article about the Top 10 Salon Sins and let me tell you this really does happen I have seen all these sins done over and over. Please read the article here it was made by Kate Dailey an Author for the Newsweek.

Top 10 Sins:

1.    Using the stylist’s scissors
2.    Mistaking a salon for day care
3.    Assuming the parlor is pet-friendly
4.    Setting your expectations too high
5.    Not tipping
6.    Being indecisive
7.    Badmouthing previous stylists
8.    Sauntering in … whenever
9.    Chattering on your cell phone
10.  Being a total diva

Customers need to behave lol…


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