Utada Hikaru

Being a big fan of music specially overseas I heard on the radio this past week that people don’t know who Utada Hikaru is, unless you are a big fan of Video Games and have played Kingdom Hearts in on a PlayStation2 you will know who this amazing performer is. So I have decided to share with you who Utada Hikaru is, she is an American born Japanese Singer-Songwriter. Ever since her debut in 1998, she has dominated the Japanese music scene. She is the best selling artist in Japan ever. Her ability to fluently speak both English and Japanese has helped her create an incredibly diverse fanbase. Under Universal Island Records, she debuted in the western music industry while continuing her Japanese career with Toshiba-EMI.

Not only she is a famous singer in Japan but she is the main vocal theme for the original Japanese release titled “Hikari” () for Kingdom Hearts. The English version of “Hikari”, “Simple and Clean“, was used in the Western releases and the Japanese rerelease, Final Mix. Both versions of the song were composed and performed by Hikaru Utada. Her involvement, along with the Japanese song title, was announced in January 2002. Utada was the only singer Nomura had in mind for the Kingdom Hearts theme song. This marked the first time Utada had produced a song for a video game. The single, “Hikari”, was released in Japan on March 20, 2002 and proved to be very popular; by August 2002, it had sold over 860,000 copies in Japan. The Kingdom Hearts soundtrack was released on a two CD set on March 27, 2002 in Japan and a year later in the United States. The soundtrack was later included in the Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack Complete, which was released in Japan on March 28, 2007.


4 thoughts on “Utada Hikaru

  1. I love Utada Hikaru! She’s one of my favorite singers! I fell in love with her music the minute I saw the Kingdom Hearts commercial when the game was first being released! So this led me to look up more of her music and she very rarely disappoints! She also lead me to look into other J-pop and J-rock aritists! She started it all for me and my love of foreign music! And she’s still going strong! My favorite song of her latest songs right now is ‘Prisoner of Love’! I heard it when I was watching a Japanese drama called ‘Last Friends’. ‘Prisoner of Love’ is the theme for that show. It’s beautiful and so is the show! You should check it out! lol Utada’s music is what got me through my 7am algebra II class I had online at school my senior year in high school…she saved me! lol


    • Thanks for reading my post, I am a big fan too my son and I are big fans of Kingdom Hearts and she is lovely I love her music and charisma. Not allot of people know her, last year before Christmas they talk about her in the Elvis Duran Morning Show the Radio station I hear in the mornings and they were surprise of how good she is. I know she has been in the business for quite a while now, but they need to boost her career…I wish her the best as well as for you 😉


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