Community Interview: EmeralDQueen

I was interviewed by Genuine Gamers this month, Genuine Gamers is an Xbox 360 news blog created by reliable, honest gamers providing news, previews, reviews and updates. Previews/Reviews are done by experienced gamers, providing the information you want to hear before purchasing.  You can also read the interview here.

I guess all my gaming experience is making me a good gamer 🙂

Monday, 16 March 2009

Genuine Gamers (GG): Let’s start off with a simple question. What is your gamertag and what made you choose it?

EmeralDQueen: My Gamertag EmeralDQueen is a nickname I was given way before I had an Xbox360. EmeralD cause I have green eyes and Queen have been a nickname that people very close to me has named me for the the longest, so I’ve decided to combine them and it came out EmeralDQueen. Now a days people has shorten my name like DQ or Q or Queen, I think is cute.

GG: Tell us a little about yourself?

EmeralDQueen: I’m a caring and easy going person with a great sense of humor, that wants to live life to its fullest. I’m quite shy at first, but once I get to know someone I am always with a smile on my face. I’ve been told that I am a good friend, trustworthy, respectful, and honest.

GG: What made you get into gaming, and in particular Xbox 360?

EmeralDQueen: I been playing games since I was very young, I never quit playing since then. I have had many different consoles in my life, through out the years each and everyone of this consoles has been an awesome experience. However Xbox360 has been a big turn in the gaming industry, specially online gaming and the experience in one of this console is unique.

GG: How long have you been gaming for?

EmeralDQueen: Like I have stated in your previous question since I was very young, so that means many, many years. *smiles*

GG: You’re an Xbox Ambassador. Can you tell us how you got involved in the project?

EmeralDQueen: I was asked from one of my friends on Xbox Live that became an Ambassador if I would like to participate on this project. I knew about it and I thought it was a good idea to share with others my gaming experience. So through my friend I was introduced to the project and there is a selection process were the Xbox Live Staff go through and pick the right persons to be in this project. At that time they got nearly three hundred Xbox Live members selected and I was one of them.

GG: You’re also a member of Gamerchix. Can you tell our readers a little more of this?

EmeralDQueen: Definitely, well from what I know it started with a trip to the Women’s Game Conference in 2005 which was the inspiration for starting a group for female gamers that was open to women and girls of any age, any location, any gaming preference, any gaming platform, and any ability. TriXie, PMS Kitty, and DirtyDiva’s months of plotting and planning came to fruition in early June 2006 with a single forum post: Looking for Xbox GamerchiX. That one forum thread generated 54 pages of responses, and a LOT of controversy. It also generated an amazing group of over 9,000 women in 32 countries: Xbox GamerchiX. GamerchiX range in age from four to 75, and enjoy playing a wide range of games.

We are not a clan we are just a big group of female gamers that enjoys gaming specially in Xbox360 and Xbox Live. Any girl or women that plays Video Games is more than welcome to join us. GamerchiX has encouraged ladies to become more vocal and active on Xbox LIVE without having to worry about being hit on, cussed out or kicked out of a game just because we are girls it has help us more than ever to go out there and show what we got as gamers.

GG: Can you advise gamers what the benefits of both the Ambassador programme and Gamerchix?

EmeralDQueen: I think both programs are design to let people have a great experience in Xbox Live with out the fear of being bullied or harassed. Everyone should read more about them and participate.

GG: Can you describe your best Live experience and who/what it involved?

EmeralDQueen: I have had many great experiences, there is always one that stands out I was playing with a very close friend of mine Halo3 we were playing team double a couple of times and we won. Little did we know that the other team were Bungie’s staff, I found out after reviewing some information in my Bungie Profile days later, we felt good that we show our gaming skills with them.

GG: What’s your favorite game on the Xbox and roughly how many hours have you racked up?

EmeralDQueen: Any one that knows me will tell you I am a Gears of War knight, but I like many games I have a big preference on RPG’s so games like Oblivion, Mass Effect and Fallout3 are the ones I have spent more time with. Many, many hours of gaming.

GG: Outwith playing on your Xbox, what else do you get up to in your spare time?

EmeralDQueen: When I am not in my Xbox360 I enjoy the outdoors and Photography is my other passion. Going out and taking pictures of things I see in my surroundings is fascinating.

GG: What’s on your gaming radar for this year and what do you think will be the biggest game?

EmeralDQueen: Oh wow that is a good question, I think for this years biggest game coming is Halo ODST which is in my list as well as The Godfather2.

GG: Thanks for taking the time to EmeralDQueen the questions and giving our readers an insight to what you do. Just one last question before you go though. If you could be any computer game character, who would you be and why?

EmeralDQueen: Well I would be Cortana, she is a Fictional Artificially Intelligence (AI) a character in Bungie’s Halo video game series. She always speaks with a smooth female voice and during game play Cortana provides back story and tactical information to the player that is Master Chief. Now a days as an Xbox Ambassador I somewhat feel that way, I am a voice in the other end of the box helping others to have a great gaming experience.

Thank you so much for this opportunity and I wish you guys success 🙂

Check out for information on Gamerchix.

DQ Gamertag


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