TIGI International Creative Team Remix Collection

I had a paper to do for School, and this was the result:

After reviewing and observing the details on the pictures presented by the TIGI Collection, I find fascinating the way the exposed their creativity. This collection has been intended to show the contemporary edge. The “Street” looks from Bed Head, the “Glamorous” looks from Catwalk and the “Classic” looks from S-factor combine to make the ultimate diverse collection that shows a look of nice an clean cuts with very well color balance for the day by day person that likes a modern and stylish look. I would love to implement this type of style in my future career.



3 thoughts on “TIGI International Creative Team Remix Collection

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  2. hola como estan, les comentos que he descubirto esta pagina hace muy poco y me gustaria saber mas sobre ustedes. gracias por las molestias


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